About the Drugs Monitoring Platform

The Drugs Monitoring Platform is a unique global online tool for collecting, monitoring and sharing a wide range of drug-related data and features an interactive online mapping resource.

This pioneering project was initiated jointly by the Paris Pact Initiative and the Afghan Opiate Trade Project of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It was implemented by the Tashkent-based Coordination and Analysis Unit. The Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan and the Drug Control Agency of Tajikistan are cooperating partners.

The information on the platform is obtained from government sources and global media outlets and is cross-checked with official records. It is entered by Coordination and Analysis Unit staff and Paris Pact Research and Liaison Officers, as well as Afghan Opiate Trade Project staff.

The Drugs Monitoring Platform provides real-time information and analysis on the illicit global trade in opiates, including details on cultivation, production and trafficking. This information includes up-to-date drug and precursor seizure news, details of drug and precursor prices and data related to poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. The Platform also contains details of border crossing points, treatment and training centres in West and Central Asia. As of February 2016, 180,000 drug seizure cases were registered on the Platform, all with geographic coordinates to pinpoint their location.

The collation and presentation of the information on the Platform helps to improve understanding of the illicit drug trade and to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against it. By providing a centralized communications platform, this Platform has the capacity to support numerous international and regional organizations and official entities, law enforcement agencies and policymakers.

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